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Bill Squires should pay me back the $12,000 he owes me for destroying my car ...


Instead - he boasts about how much money he is making & how many cars he has buying .... 


Very insightful comments Ed,


  I quoted the last point as the Quality of the transporter should always be the most important question. There are some real hacks out there, junk equipment, NOT car guys, don't speak English, treat the customers like they are a bother, don't keep a schedule, etc, etc. 


  However a Quality Transporter who is Honest & has a  Great Reputation/ Rapport with their customers can do very well, especially if he knows how to run his business. Trust me, as much as I enjoy the folks I deal with, love the cars & being at all the big shows... If it was NOT highly profitable, I would stay home & do Customer Paint & or Restorations in the shop like i used to do many years back before the transports took over everything


God Bless

Bill Squires (owner)

Bill's Auto Works


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My name is Lindy Turner and I live in Spokane, WA

I saved up and found the car of my dreams in Texas in 2010

I hired Bill Squires & he destroyed my car - promised to pay & then ran away

I found him on

He has since been banned from that website

This is my true story about Bill Squires ....

For many years Bill Squires denied ever hauling my car  



MY True Story About Bill Squires


Here is a picture of my car - freshly painted - before Bill loaded it on his trailer ....



I found Bill Squires on a car forum and hired him to transport my freshly painted Superbee

from Blanco, TX to Spokane, WA in June of 2010 in part because he advertised

" Over 2 million accident free miles " ...

That decision cost me over $12,000 in repairs and the loss of my dream car for nearly (2) years .... 

He is no longer on that car forum -- he has been banned from posting - he moved on to greener pastures


Here is Bill when he arrived with my car on his trailer ....





Bill willingly drove his rig through the Denver, CO area during a storm that he could have avoided

with proper attention to the weather service, radio and handheld weather programs.

He willfully drove into a storm.

Before he could do anything about it, he found himself on a desolate stretch of highway in a hailstorm

with hail the size of baseballs.

Nowhere to run.


Here are close up images of the hail damage ....





My car was dimpled with baseball sized dents from front to back.

The rear spoiler was split, one scoop was cracked, every panel had dents.

The new windshield was destroyed.

The brand new vinyl roof  needed to be removed for the repair.

When BIll arrived with the car I asked him if he had insurance.

He told me that if he filed a claim it would be devastating to his business and shut him down.

He told me that he would pay for the entire repair and accepted responsibility.

That's right.

He assumed fault.




After he went home however, his story changed and he told me that he wouldn't be paying to have the car repaired.

He said it was an "Act of God" that couldn't be helped.

He said my car was not damaged by his actions while in his care ....

Care... That's a real subjective word...

While "Acts of God" can't always be predicted, I believe that this could have easily been avoided if Bill hadn't been in such a hurry.

Without ever travelling the highway before, he chose his route through Colorado hail country during hail season and was in too much of a hurry to stop when a storm was coming through.

Instead of checking with the weather service, he drove INTO A STORM with blatent disregard for the safety of my automobile and found himself in a very foolish position.

These decisions were all very much acts of BILL not acts of God.




When a person runs an open transport, he doesn't take risks.

If the weather is bad in an area known for killer hail, YOU STOP NEAR SHELTER and you wait it out.

This has been confirmed to me by more than one other transport company who has heard my story.

After all, who in their right mind would hire a transport that advertised, "Your car will be on an open transport. You'd better have insurance and be prepared to roll the dice because I drive whatever route I want through whatever weather and if your car doesn't come out okay, you get what you get."

That would be nuts, but in effect, this is what Bill did.

He even advertised that he was insured.

Then he told me after he decided not to be responsible that he only had liablility coverage for situations where a car he was hauling caused someone else bodily harm of physical damage.


Why advertise the obvious like it's something added or special?

It's bogus advertising to get you to THINK you are covered.

Here's the point.

Bill Squires misrepresented himself in his ad regarding his insurance.

He disregarded the safety of my vehicle when he chose his route and pushed through bad weather in an area known for devastating hail.

He lied to me about fixing the damage done to my car while in his care and control.

I want to encourage you to ask yourself if you think Bill's Auto Works was negligent.

Knowing now how he treated my dream car, ask yourself if you would trust him with yours.

I wouldn't.


Lindy Turner

Spokane, WA



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