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Haul Of Shame
Bill Squires DBA Bill's Auto Works Complaint


Bill Squires of Wakeman, Ohio DBA Bill's Auto Works

has been BANNED from

The AACA Autombile Forum effective January 2024


Bill Squires has also been BANNED permanently from where I found him to transport my car


Bill Squires did not advertise to transport vehicles

until 2010 despite his claims otherwise 

that he has been transporting vehicles for 40 years.



My name is Lindy and I live in Spokane, Washington.

I hired Bill Squires  to transport my car.

Bill Squires damaged my car I trusted him to transport.

This is my story in my own words.


Bill Squires Owed Me $12,000 Back In 2010

Which He Agreed To Pay Me In Full For Damages To My Car

Despite repeated promises to pay for the damage he caused

by his direct negligence

Bill Squires has not paid anything as of March of 2024

Bill Squires now owes me over $45,000

(14) years compounded interest @ 10% on $12,000



Bill Squires promised to pay for the damage - then he ran away.




I  found the car of my dreams in Texas in 2010.

I hired Bill Squires from an ad he placed on

Bill Squires was banned from after hauling my car.

Bill Squires damaged my car ...

Bill Squires promised to pay & then ran away.

This is my story in my own words about Bill Squires ....

For many years Bill Squires denied ever hauling my car

but once I posted my stories and images that I took of

what happened he could not continue Lying.

Here is an image of my car in Texas before Bill Squires picked it up:




Here is Bill when he arrived with my car on his trailer - you can see him

if you look closely at the front of my car which is still on his trailer






Bill willingly drove through the Denver, CO area at night during a  massive storm 

that  was predicted a few days in advance that he could have avoided

if he had monitored the area weather,

He willfully drove into a storm with hail the size of baseballs.


Here are close up images of the hail damage ....





My car was dimpled with baseball sized dents from front to back.

The rear spoiler was split, one scoop was cracked, every panel had dents.

The new windshield was destroyed.

The brand new vinyl roof  needed to be removed for the repair.

When BIll Squires arrived with my car I asked him if he had insurance.

He told me that he did but if he filed a claim it would be devastating to his business and shut him down.

He told me that he would pay for the entire repair and accepted responsibility.

That's right.

He assumed fault.




After he went home however, his story changed

and he told me that he wouldn't be paying to have

the car repaired so I asked Bill Squires for his

insurance information and he told me he didn't have any insurance.

He said it was an "Act of God" that couldn't be helped.

He said my car was not damaged by his actions while in his care.

While "Acts of God" can't always be predicted ...

The Hailstorm Bill Squires

chose to drive into at night - was predicted days in advance.

Bill Squires chose the route and the time to drive it.

The decisions made were all very much Acts

of BILL SQUIRES and not Acts of God.




When a  responsible person runs a business they don't take avoidable risks.

If the weather is bad in an area known for killer hail,

YOU STOP NEAR SHELTER and you wait it out.

This has been confirmed to me by several other 

transport company who has heard my story.

Who in their right mind would hire someone that advertised

"Your car will be on an open trailer and You better have insurance

and be prepared to roll the dice because I drive whatever route I want

through whatever weather and if your car doesn't come out okay

it is not my fault."

This is exactly what Bill Squires did.

He even advertised that he was insured.

Then he told me after he decided not to be responsible that he only had

Liability coverage for situations where a car he was hauling caused

someone else bodily harm of physical damage.


Why advertise the obvious like it's something added or special ?

It's bogus advertising to get you to THINK you are covered.

Here's the point.

Bill Squires misrepresented himself in his ad regarding his insurance.

He disregarded the safety of my vehicle when he chose his route and drove 

into a major predicted storm at night with hail.

He lied to me about fixing the damage done to my car while in his care and control.

I want to encourage you to ask yourself if you think Bill's Auto Works was negligent.

Knowing now how he treated my dream car, ask yourself if you would trust him with yours.

I wouldn't.





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