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July 15th

Leaving Los Angeles, California

Headed east along I-40 to Oklahoma City

Then northeast along I-44 thru Tulsa - Joplin - St. Louis

Then east along the I-70 corridor to Scranton, Pennsylvania

I can drop off in the surrounding area

16 feet - 5000 pound capacity - 8 foot rear door

Thanks !

Please call or text




I travel the lower 48 states year round as safe driving conditions allow

30 days average from initial scheduling to actual pick up 

Expedited delivery possible if you pay the unloaded miles to pick up location


Call or Text Jim Now 260-804-6695 if you live in the lower (48) states

Sorry but I do not accept international calls - please email me instead


Transporting To Travel & Tell Stories From The Road 


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I post information about stuff for sale I see all across the country 
along with interesting places I spot while driving ...

Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005456325407

Instagram http://instagram.com/directenclosedautohauler/#

Vehicles # 7 and # 8 from a private (10) vehicle collection
I am moving from California to Wisconsin ....
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