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Confused about 'Restoration'?
What is a properly restored trailer?

A 1953 Spartan Imperial Manor in original unrestored condition

This means that the core systems; the electrical - plumbing - propane - insulation are all original and before being used all these systems need to be replaced and not just 'patched together' to make them temporarily work!

Some of the interior birchwood can be used again if carefully removed

Don't be fooled by nicely finished woodwork! What lies hidden underneath the walls needs to be replaced!

If you are considering purchasing a 'Restored' vintage coach or travel trailer.... ask for pictures and receipts documenting 'restoration' work before you buy!

An original vintage unrestored coach or trailer that is actually 'ready to use' is extremely difficult to find!

Expect to pay a fair market price for a genuinely 'restored' and properly documented vintage coach or travel trailer

Bright and shiny or freshly painted only just covers the surface!

Look for signs of loving past ownership!

Ignorance and just plain dishonesty often are the 'standard' you will find!

Most vintage coaches and travel trailers are merely being 'flipped' to make a quick profit!

We specialize in original and unrestored vintage coaches and travel trailers that are good candidates for restoration and are fairly priced!


Ask questions BEFORE you buy and make an informed decision!

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