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Truly Vintage Trailers
Original examples from the American road

What is "Truly Vintage"?

Truly Vintage is how a 1925 Chevrolet House Car left the small town cabinetmakers' shop back in 1925

Truly Vintage is how a early 1930's Hayes steel coach left the Michigan based auto body manufacturer's plant

Truly Vintage is how vintage coaches, travel trailers, motorhomes and mobile homes were built many years ago

Not with flat screen plasma televisions

Not with satellite dish systems

Not with roof top air conditioners

Truly Vintage coaches & travel trailers become harder to find as times passes!


Created to Recognize - Respect - Restore

We are committed to preserving the past as it was intended


NOT by trying to improve on it or adding our thumbprint to it!

Because some day in the not so distant future, perhaps the only Truly Vintage image your eyes may gaze upon just might be a picture on your computer screen!

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