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1967 Firebird Survivor

Jeff - " Jim, When I first contacted you about shipping my Firebird, you cautioned me about the hard cold reality of the car shipping world. You scared the crap out of me and I believed you. In part because my next door neighbor went through some trouble getting a car shipped in from California. He is still living with the engine damage. I decided to go with you because I liked the way you presented your case. Everything came out well. My car was not exactly as presented, but I'm enjoying putting everything right. Last month I was at the York Street Rod nats. I noticed a car that I had seen last year and approached the owners to talk about it. It was an exceptionally nice old El Camino. During the conversation they mentioned that it had been shipped in from California. I got an earful. It took over three months. They had to threaten legal action to get the car. Finally they contacted the Maryland State Police to report the car stolen. Three days later they magically got their car. At 3:00 AM. The roof and hood were damaged and needed paint and body work. Fortunately the broker paid for this with a credit card. They went through hell. Just wanted to confirm what you already know. Thanks for being a man of your word. If you want to use this as a reference you have my permission. "